About Perry Vermeulen

Perry Vermeulen lezing moord John F. KennedyPerry VermeulenMy name is Perry Vermeulen. Born in 1982, living in the Netherlands. I write: for a newspaper and for various organizations in my country. And I wrote two books on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Investigating this case is a recurring addiction.

I’ve always had this passion for crime. The many outstanding questions in the Kennedy case have always fascinated me. Some encounters during internships (2004-2006) fueled that fire only more. I contributed to the development of a three hours long documentary of Peter de Vries, a renowned Dutch crime reporter. And I met journalists who taught me some facts about the weekend that Lee Harvey Oswald spent in our own country, while travelling from Russia to the United States, in June 1962. This neglected aspect of Oswald’s life called for a comprehensive investigation. In 2008 I published a book about my findings. In 2012 a second book was published: a publication with all the available facts and speculations, something that no one had done before in our language. Both books were, I’m sorry, never translated into English.

The Kennedy assassination fascinated me ten years ago, he fascinates me now, and I’m sure he will in the future. In 2009 I cycled through New Orleans, looking for places in the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, and in the summer of 2013, I did the same in Dallas and Fort Worth. Photos and blogs on this trip will frequently be added on this website.

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