The web has much to offer for curious, critical thinkers.
We find the following websites very worthwhile:

The Mary Ferrell Foundation
The Mary Ferrell Foundation has the largest searchable electronic archive of information relating to the assassinations of the 1960s and their larger historical context, including over 1,000,000 pages of declassified government documents. But there’s so much more… An incredible achievement.

The JFK Presidential Library and Museum
Every American President has his own Presidential Library and Museum. We saw a lot of their websites, and none of them comes even close to the one of John F. Kennedy. Great for doing research, with a large archive, fine (interactive) exhibits and much more.

JFK50: Dallas Morning News
Fifty years after the assassination, the Dallas Morning News commemorates John F. Kennedy with a informative, good looking website. A yearlong series about the people, the city and the impact. Our compliments for their efforts.

More to come!