Magazine St, New Orleans: where Oswald lived

Home Oswald, 4905 Magazine Street, New Orleans

I visited New Orleans in 2009 and was confused: the address of Lee Harvey Oswald was 4905 Magazine Street, but I couldn’t find a house with that number. Walking from the corner of Magazine and Upperline Street, you’ll find the odd numbers 4901 (uninhabited for years), 4903, 4907 and 4911 easily on your right. Where […]

Oswald on Magazine Street


Lee Harvey Oswald lived here several months in the summer of 1963, on 4905 Magazine Street. Not in the house: he lived in a small ‘shotgun house’ (a cabin) behind the trees on the right of this structure. New images of his wooden apartment soon on this website! Find it in Google Maps: 4905 Magazine […]

Reily Coffee Company


The Reily Coffee Company on 640 Magazine Street. Lee Harvey Oswald worked here.Find it in Google Maps: 640 Magazine Street, New Orleans Click on the image to enlarge it.        

Bus 11 in New Orleans


Bus 11, riding the Magazine Street. The bus Oswald took to his job at Reily’s. Judyth Vary Baker says she met Oswald every morning in this bus, when they both went to work. Click on the image to enlarge it.